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Carpet Flooring in Summit, NJ

Nothing comforts and transforms quite like carpet. A reigning flooring favorite, carpet comes in thousands of options. There are even carpets that can peacefully cohabitate with pets and small children.



We offer a wide range of carpet at Cove Carpet One Floor & Home in Summit, NJ. With succulent soft surfaces for residential and commercial interiors, we have what you need when it’s time for change. Are you contemplating new carpet for your next home project? Here are things you should keep in mind.



Carpet Types


Which carpet will you choose for your next renovation project? Now is the time to take a careful inventory of your space and its activity levels. You’ll find plentiful options for even the most hectic households.



Your carpet’s inner fibers, known as pile, are the primary role player in the way your rug will look, feel, and wear over time. Pile can be either synthetic or natural. The most popular pile types include nylon, wool, and polyester. Our carpet experts can help guide you towards the best choices based on your lifestyle and budget.



Nylon’s synthetic type of pile has proven to be extremely popular. It’s extremely soft and resilient, with options in every style, pattern, and color. Nylon is considered one of the most durable carpets around. Polyester’s synthetic pile feels similar nylon but is more affordable. Once upon a time, polyester products were once considered inferior carpets. Recent improvements in the manufacturing technique have given us polyesters that are more durable.



Olefin’s synthetic pile is prized for its incredible colors and venerable construction. Olefin carpet is typically found in Berber-style rugs, which are a great option for high-traffic settings. Triexta’s heavy-duty synthetic pile that fares very well in commercial spaces as well as in households with large families. It resists stains and is easy to maintain. Wool’s natural carpet pile is a proven insulator that’s prized for its vivid colors and supreme softness. Made by Mother Nature to last years, it naturally resists odors, moisture, and mold.



Carpet Installation


Carpet shouldn’t be installed in bathrooms or kitchens, but it can be a wonderful addition to almost any other type of interior if chosen with care. Choose a heavy-duty variety for spaces like stairs and hallways. Waterproof carpet fares fine in a family room, even if you have a new puppy at home.



Our homes are continually buzzing with activity. Accidents can happen. Despite this fact, it’s tough to deny the appeal of soft, plush carpet. With stain-resistant carpet you needn’t compromise. Made for simple clean-ups, stain-resistant carpet fibers are individually coated to prevent spills from sinking in deep. Even stubborn substances like chocolate and coffee are no match for these high-performing products. Of course, there are stain-resistant carpets available in a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns, so you’ll never feel like you’re “settling.”



Our Carpet Selection



At Cove Carpet One Floor & Home, we have a long tradition of smarter flooring solutions. As part of the world’s largest independent flooring cooperative, we offer incredible purchasing power, , and services. Please make us your destination for every carpet desire. To learn more, please visit us soon at 335 Springfield Avenue in Summit, NJ.





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Caring for Carpet


Modern carpet features stain resistance, wear resistance,

and incredible softness. Follow the link below to learn more

about how you can spend less time cleaning your carpets

and more time enjoying them.