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Types of Carpet

Types of Carpeting 

At Cove Carpet One Floor & Home we take enormous pride in our knowledge and inventory, so when it’s time to choose new carpeting, we’ve always got you covered. But where should you begin? An ample understanding of the many types of carpeting will go a long way towards assuring the perfect fit. 


The fibers in your carpet, or carpet pile, will by and large dictate how your carpeting will wear and function over time. Understanding the subtle nuances of your carpeting will help you make the right decision for your home or business. 


Carpet Fibers

Nylon’s synthetic type of pile has proven to be extremely popular. It’s extremely soft and resilient, with options representing many different styles, patterns, and colors. Nylon is considered one of the most durable carpets around. 


Polyester’s synthetic pile looks and feels similar nylon, but is a lot more affordable. Once upon a time, polyester products were once considered inferior carpets. Recent improvements in the manufacturing technique have given us polyesters that are a lot more durable.

Olefin’s synthetic pile is prized for its incredible colors and venerable construction. Olefin carpeting is typically found in Berber-style rugs, which are a great option for high-traffic settings. 


Triexta’s heavy-duty synthetic pile that fares very well in commercial spaces as well as in households with large families. It resists stains and is very easy to maintain 


Wool’s natural carpet pile is a proven insulator that’s prized for its vivid colors and supreme softness. Made by Mother Nature to last for many years, it naturally resists odors, moisture, and mold. 


Types of Carpeting 


Cut-pile carpeting consists of trimmed fibers of varying lengths, which are firmly hooked into the carpet base. The end result is a heavily textured carpet that disguises dust and footprints.


Loop pile carpeting leaves your fiber’s looped endings intact, resulting in a rug with an overall smoother, more uniform texture. 


Cut-loop carpeting combined aspects of both loop and cut pile, offering a much more textured product that’s comfortable to walk or stand on.  



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