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Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring Options

Our days at home certainly have their trying moments, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for less when it comes to your next floor. With a world of stunning and stylish waterproof flooring options, including waterproof luxury vinyl and waterproof carpeting, we have just what you’re looking for at Cove Carpet One Floor & Home of Summit, NJ.


Benefits of Waterproof Flooring

With its steadfast construction, sumptuous styles, and reliable waterproofing abilities, waterproof flooring is a wonderful option for households with pets and little kids. Bringing lasting beauty to all types of residential and commercial spaces, waterproof flooring is your everyday weapon against stray splashes ad spills. It guards against mold growth, odors, and damages, and is designed for easy-keeping.


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

Waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is available in both vinyl plank and vinyl tile form, and is very easy to customize. Its nature-inspired visuals pay homage to natural hardwood and stone, so it’s easy to create the looks you love, without the added hassles. It’s important to read the fine print, however, since only certain types of luxury vinyl flooring are fully waterproof. Some of our favorite waterproof luxury vinyl options are offered up by Invincible H20.


Waterproof Carpeting

Carpeting is one of our favorite comforts of home, with its added cushion, colors, and textures. While there once was a time when carpeting wasn’t an option for those with crawling babies or roaming puppies, today there are carpeting selections for everyone. Waterproof carpeting is treated with a special coating that traps moisture at its surface, where it can be dabbed away using a clean cloth. We carry many amazing waterproof carpeting products, including those made by Tigressa H20.

To learn more about the latest waterproof flooring options, please plan to visit our showroom soon at 335 Springfield Avenue, or call us soon to schedule a FREE project estimate.



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